Saturday, June 30, 2007


It's like something from a low-budget horror movie. After 17 (or is it 18?) days of rain, the ground is saturated. Imagine that. It has so much water the earthworms are looking for higher ground! That means they crawl up onto the porch and come in under the patio door, the garage door, and the front door.

Cats do not eat earthworms, but they'll play with them until the worm dies. Dead earthworms smell very bad. Also, the cats have to spend an inordinate amount of time cleaning slime out of their paws and fur.

Women do not like to be in the same room with numerous worms, though to their credit, the two women in this house will capture earthworms and put them back outside. They do the same for spiders. The rescued worms make an immediate u-turn and head back into the house.

It is unpleasant to step on a large nightcrawler with your bare feet. When I get up at 5AM, all the lights go on. If I find one in my bed or on my pillow, I will probably freak out. Keep an eye out for a news story: "Oklahoma man claims worms induced psychotic episode! Film at eleven!"

Bicycle tires make unpleasant snapping noises as they roll over earthworms on wet pavement. Sorry little guys.


Blogger Pete said...

Dried worms are very difficult to clean off of the underside of fenders.

7:45 AM  

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