Monday, December 24, 2007

And a wonderful Christmas for all of you!

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I know, I know. Most everyone is on the road somewhere or stuck in a security line at the airport, hoping (sometimes in vain) to get on a flight.

The CycleDog clan is right here at home. Son and daughter both have to work today, but they'll be home by late afternoon. Mary and I will make a grocery store run for last minute goodies, and I'll probably (no, no, not probably, substitute definitely) stop at the liquor store for another bottle of rum. When it's cold, a hot buttered rum helps fight off the chill. Two hot buttered rums are even better.

(Number One Son is preparing to go to work by playing Guitar Hero over and over. I swear the demented people who came up with that game did it in an attempt to push me over the edge. My only consolation is that once I'm a grandfather, I'll buy things like that for his kids!)

Most years at Christmas, I'm stressed out from worrying about money, travel, and the myriad things that go into 'celebrating' the holiday. This time, we're not planning on any travel. I had the forethought to get most of my shopping done weeks ago. I'm broke again, but that's not unusual. Oddly, I've been sitting here watching the birds arrive at the feeder outside the kitchen window, and my thoughts have been revolving around Christmases past. I'm looking forward to this evening, hopefully a quiet one spent with family here at home.

And of course, tonight Santa arrives. Actually, she's already here, still in her pajamas and sleeping late just down the hall. It's a wonder that Guitar Hero hasn't jolted her awake.

I'm rambling a bit so I'll end this. The very best part of Christmas is spending it with those we love, so my Christmas wish is that all of you be with your loved ones this holiday. Everything else is secondary. It's the people who are special.

Life is good.



Blogger Hurricane Hattie said...

Amen, brother. My mother passed away two weeks ago, my granny is in the hospital with a broken hip and our daughter lives in Texas now and can't come home for Christmas. So our little Christmas gathering is getting smaller. But I'm very thankful for every one of them. I stopped stressing about Christmas a couple of years ago. I finally realized that people don't remember how perfectly the house was decorated or how wonderful the food, they just remember that you hugged them and said how glad you were to see them. Merry Christmas.

12:38 PM  
Blogger Paul Tay said...

Merry Christmas, C-dog! Santa will be rolling the Share The Road Campaign beginning this Christmas.

TPD UDE issued Santa another ticket today for 37 TRO 622, "impeding the flow of traffic." I guess UDE still haven't gotten the memo. Oh well, Santa will fight this like all the others.

4:52 PM  

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