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TAOBIKE planning meeting

(Please note: The date for the proposed BAG meeting is given as 12SEP2008. This is the Friday before the MS150 weekend. I'm trying to find a venue available for Thursday the 11th as it may offer fewer conflicts. Also, as Tim Armer was able to attend, we covered much more than the original agenda. It was a productive meeting....Ed)

TAOBIKE planning meeting


We had three goals for this meeting:

Set the schedule for BikeEd classes.

Discuss the HUB.

Discuss growing TAOBIKE.

List of attendees:

Tim Armer

Gary Parker

Ren Barger

Mike Schooling

Andy Wheeler

Brian Potter

Richard Hall

Steve (?)

Ed Wagner


Tim Armer provided some background on INCOG's role in local planning. He discussed the changes to the EPA dirty air list and mentioned that the changes may bring more than 300 cities into non-compliance where only 80 had been before now. One reason Tulsa was denied BFC status was because it does not have a Comprehensive Bicycle Planning document, a situation we would like to address. As always, pursuing funding is the hard part.


PlaniTulsa is an opportunity for community participation in the city planning. Register on-line to participate in a workshop on September 22 or 23.


The HUB is part of Tulsa's beautification project and will be a central component in BikeEd. Ren has secured a 10,000 sq. ft. facility located near the new stadium. The plan is to offer Road1 classes, bicycle repair classes, a cafe, and much, much more. The Community Cycling Project will be the major agenda item. There is a parking lot adjacent to the facility for Road1 drills. It should be operational by November. There is a possibility that The HUB will be involved in the Tulsa Townie program in the future. (An aside – the Tulsa Townie program sees an average of 200+ bicycles used on an average weekend, and there are 75 bicycles in the fleet.) The HUB has a website and is currently looking for a web designer and content. Note that The HUB will be closed through the months of February and August in order to save energy.


BikeEd – there is some interest in offering a Road1 course through 360 Sports, a local bike shop in Owasso. If this is successful, it may be a blueprint for Road1 in other suburban communities in the region. Tulsa is the biggest market, of course, but a program like this highlights our interest in all area communities. We would like to get some of the BikeEd curriculum into local DUI schools. We need to find contacts at the courthouse or possibly through MADD.

Bike to Work

There was some discussion of Bike to Work events and AA was mentioned specifically. Also, it was pointed out that many bicycle commuters are unable to attend BTW events because they're already at work!

Tulsa Transit

We discussed Tulsa Transit's Rack and Roll program that offers program participants a free bicycle for 24 hours at the Denver Avenue station. (pdf)

LAB News

LAB is looking for Ambassadors. This is from the American Bicyclist Update, 19AUG2008:

We are creating a new volunteer position to provide a stronger link
between our regional directors (who have to serve many states)
and the cycling community in every state – clubs, advocacy groups,
the industry, mountain bike and racing activities, and more. State
ambassadors will work with board members and staff to provide
closer liaison between the regional director and League members,
volunteers and affiliated organizations identify issues, challenges,
and opportunities for the League to address in relation to its
member services and programs; promote member participation in
the League; promote League membership, services and programs
to people and organizations in their state; and assist their
regional director in recommending regional events and award
recipients for the national office. Appointments will be made
this fall, following the Board of Directors meeting on
September 25. We welcome applications – please send a cover
letter and resume – through September 15; please send
your nomination to and make
reference to “state ambassador” in the subject line of your
e-mail. Note: technically, we know this isn’t a new position.
We used to have state representatives and state legislative
representatives a while back. We’ve chosen the term
“ambassador” this time as we want people who are
facilitators and connectors, people who can help the
League’s programs come to life, and who can process
valuable feedback on those programs for the board and staff.

Upcoming events calendar:
Bike to Work 12SEP
BAG & Master Plan Meeting 12SEP
MS150 13-14SEP
Road1 20SEP tentative
TBC Fall Century 27SEP
Claremore 4OCT
Road1 Owasso 20OCT tentative
Tulsa Tough Skill Drills (kids) 9MAY2009 and 23MAY2009 tentative

BAG and Comprehensive Bicycling Master Plan meeting
The Bicycling Subcommittee (BAG) at INCOG has had
a problem whenever there's a staff change at the agency.
We've had to re-organize and start from zero each time.
This is difficult for everyone involved. So in order to
provide some continuity within the bicycling advisory
group, we are proposing the formation of a permanent
bicycling advocacy group that will provide the same
function as the subcommittee, yet be outside INCOG.
By necessity, this must be a representative organization.
There will be a planning meeting on 12SEP2008 to do
the preliminary work. As yet, the venue has not been
established. All interested parties are invited to attend.
This message will go out to all current BAG members
as well as area clubs and organizations.

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